Restore color to an island lost to time.

Farewell North is an open world exploration game where you play as a Collie working alongside your human companion to restore color to a desolate island.

Explore a long abandoned island inspired by the Scottish highlands. Restore color to the island by solving puzzles to uncover the mystery of what caused all color to leave, and bring life back to the island.
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How big is the development team?

Farewell North is a solo indie project being developed in my free time.
What genre does Farewell North fit in?

I would describe the game as an open world exploration game with a hint of stealth and puzzle elements mixed in. Some games that I've taken inspiration from include The Last Campfire, The First Tree and Klaus.
Where can I see the most up-to-date information?

You can follow me on Twitter @kylewbanks to see the latest GIFs and screenshots! I aim to post updates at least once per week as development progresses.
I have some thoughts or feedback, where can I let you know?

I'd love to hear your feedback! Farewell North may be a solo project, but the feedback you give can only help to improve the quality of the final game. Let me know your thoughts on Twitter @kylewbanks or email me at if social media isn't your thing.
Any plans for a console/mobile/VR version?

Right now I'm focused on the PC and Mac versions of the game, but releasing Farewell North on consoles would be a dream come true, so you can bet I'll be looking into that down the road!